Design testing done right

Warhol is a set of services and developer tools that generate automated design tests from examples. Just build a pattern library with placeholder content and use Warhol's browser extension to find design bugs on your production web pages in seconds!

Rapid design debugging inside your browser

Warhol's browser devtools extension analyzes web pages in seconds and provides you with all the tools you need to find and fix CSS discrepancies in your production web page. Clear and actionable error messages help you with getting your web project's design under control, even if the content changes every day.

Works with what you already (don't) have

A simple and flexible configuration format makes Warhol work with whatever web technology you are already using. And if your existing project does not have a pattern library yet, you can get started in no time with just a HTML file and with zero infrastructure setup.

The documentation and support that you deserve

Warhol's documentation includes configuration examples, and covers every possible error message and bug report. The step-by-step tutorial takes you from zero to pattern library hero in no time. And if you would like to peek at the arcane CSS magic behind the scenes, our FAQ have got you covered. If any questions arise, you can tweet or email us at any time or join our Slack community!

... and so much more to come!

Do you want a fleet of automated web browsers checking every page on your sprawling project? Are you tasked with implementing a new design system and need hard statistics that quantify your progress? Support for more browsers? We are working on all of that! Take a peek at our public roadmap and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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