Turn Pattern Libraries into Test Suites

Warhol helps you to enforce a unified look and feel for your web project, no matter how large and complicated the project may be.
Warhol learns from the examples in a pattern library and supports you in implementing a truly consistent user experience.

Warhol works with your tooling

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Next-level brand consistency

Warhol turns pattern libraries into test suites for web projects. If you want your project's design to look consistent, just feed a few examples of colors, typography and components into Warhol's smart algorithms to let it learn the look and feel of your brand.

Keep your existing Pattern Library

If you have an existing pattern library you can use it with Warhol, no matter the underlying technology. Whether you use React, Pattern Lab or raw HTML and CSS - Warhol adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Debug right inside your browser

Warhol's browser extension runs its lighting fast style-checking algorithms in your browser while you're working on your project. Get notified instantly if you introduce even the smallest style incosistency!

Surgical precision

Warhol analyzes design patterns on an atomic level. Instead of comparing screenshots, Warhol understands and compares the CSS style declarations, which makes Warhol fast and allows for error messages that get right to the core of any style inconsistency.

Test all of your pages, all at once

Warhol's automated test services can crawl and check every page and sub-page in your project 24/7. If you want to make sure that your whole web page follows a single design philosophy to the letter, Warhol has got you covered.

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