Hybrid child

  • Full report name: Multiple equally matching child snapshots
  • Status: WARN
  • Related to: component's child elements
  • Summary: an element could be one of several child elements and Warhol can't decide
  • How to fix: it's complicated

“Multiple equally matching child snapshots” is Warhol's way of saying “something's fishy, but I can't say what exactly”. This happens when the element in question is so far removed from anything allowed in the pattern library that Warhol just has to give up. Figuring out the problems with the element is now your job (which should not be too hard, given that you can refer to a pattern library).

When Warhol reads components from a pattern lib, it takes data snapshots of the component elements and of their children and other descendants as well. Mapping those child snapshots to elements in production is not easy, as they don't come with simple definitive selectors, like component snapshots do. Warhol has to apply heuristics to match each child elements to its snapshot and the heuristic of last resort is a brute force test run. In this, Warhol attempts to find the matching child snapshot by trying every child snapshot and picking the one that results in the smallest amount of errors. This error is the result of there being no single best matching snapshot.

In other words, something is wrong with a component child element that prevents Warhol from identifying its matching snapshot. To fix this error, you will have to manually figure out what's wrong with the element in question.

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