Get the browser extension

Once you have a Warhol account you can install the Warhol browser extension, use your account to log in and start debugging! At the moment the browser extension is only available for Chrome. Warhol's core technologies are tested and working in Firefox as well and we are working on publishing the extension for that browser (and every other browser) as well.

Downloading the extension #

You can install either the LTS edition or the current edition. The LTS edition is published on the Chrome Store and sees a much lower rate of updates than the current version. The browser extension must be able to analyze the whole content of any web page and is therefore undergoing an extensive review by the Chrome Web Store team, so updates are (very) slow. You can install and update the current edition at any time to get the latest features, but you will have to do so manually and you will have trust that we don't steal your data.

Installing the extension #

Installing the LTS edition from Chrome Store works just like any other browser extension. The process to install the current edition is a little more involved:

  1. Download the zip file and unpack it
  2. Go to chrome://extensions/ and enable Developer Mode (toggle switch in the top right corner)
  3. Click the Load unpacked button to install the extension

The extension adds a toolbar button and a new DevTools panel to your browser:

Once the extension is installed, you can log into the extension with your account and start debugging away... if you have a pattern library and have configured Warhol to use it. Let's do exactly this as the next step!.

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