The reports tab is the true heart of Warhol's browser extension. This is where you get detailed error reports for every small CSS discrepancy on your web page, at least one you have selected a pattern library and a test run has finished.

Filtering reports #

The report tab's top is occupied by a button to re-run tests and by checkboxes for filtering reports.

Test results #

The report tab contains all the reports for the latest test run, which are organized by affected element, pseudo element or component into test results:

You can inspect or scroll to the affected element using the element actions on the right. Note that test results are only displayed if at least one of the contained reports are visible with the current filter settings. A test result may not show all of its reports if some are filtered away by the current settings.

Reports #

A test result contains one ore more reports. Most report's descriptions are fairly actionable and you can fix almost all design errors by just following the instructions. Reports of the same type can be combined into one. If you want to skip individual reports, you may have to split them before.

Good to know #

If you want to jump back to the top of the reports tab you can do so by clicking the tab again. This also works with all the other tabs.

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