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How Warhol works and (some of) what it can do

Published on 11.03.2019 by Peter Kröner

Warhol's approach to automated style testing does not rely on pixels but works by analyzing CSS and DOM structures. This enables Warhol to report more than just the fact that something in your styles went wrong. This post comes straight from the trenches of our code base, explains a few of Warhol's internal details and gives you a glimpse into the nature of the diagnostic feedback that you can expect from Warhol.

We are Warhol

Published on 28.01.2019 by Peter Kröner and Hans Christian Reinl

We are Warhol.

With Warhol we want to make frontend development easier for you. Our goal is to help you to ensure that the components in your web page or app look exactly how you define them in your component library. This greatly reduces style bugs in production. While developing, it makes sure that things look right from the beginning to finish. Our browser extension highlights style inconsistencies as soon as you "create" them. Furthermore our automated services report bugs in each commit and can even permanently monitor your production system.

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