Snapshot errors

Snapshot errors arise when Warhol has problems understanding the pattern library. They must not be confused with report types, which are the building blocks of Warhol's test results. You only have to care about snapshot issues if Warhol fails to process something in your pattern library. The most common causes of show-stopping snapshot errors are problems in the pattern library's configuration, but Warhol may also complain about its own inability to understand some arcane CSS features.

There are three error types that help you to classify the severity of whatever Warhol reports:

  • ERROR (red): an isolated problem prevented Warhol from analyzing parts of the pattern library
  • FATAL (black): something went catastrophically wrong and Warhol had to abort analyzing the pattern library
  • DEBUG (purple): diagnostic messages that Warhol thinks may help with debugging other issues (or Warhol itself)

FATAL errors prevent Warhol from doing anything useful with the pattern library, while everything of type ERROR only affects Warhol's understanding of some of the patterns (e.g. only a single component or just the theme colors).

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