Unsupported CSS value

  • Full report name: Unsupported value
  • Status: DEBUG
  • Related to: components, component children
  • Summary: Warhol does not understand a CSS value
  • How to fix: tell us if you encounter this notice!

This notice points to possible false positives or false negatives that Warhol may report due to a lack of support for a CSS value type. Please contact us if this very rare issue affects you!

Warhol does not really understand most CSS values because it is not really necessary to do so. The fact that rgb(255, 0, 0) is not equal to rgb(0, 0, 0) is obvious even without knowing what each value really means. There are very few CSS values where (under very select circumstances) actually understanding the value may be important. If Warhol finds a value that it does not understand when it thinks it should understand the value, it issues this notice. This is exceedingly rare and may result in false positives or false negatives.

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