Report types

Reports represent Warhol's findings about the design on your production web page. This is a full list of all the errors, warnings and debug notices that you may encounter when using Warhol to test web pages. They are not to be confused with snapshot errors that arise when Warhol analyzes your pattern library.

There are five levels of reports:

  • OK
    (green): something is definitely right
    (red): something is definitely wrong
  • WARN
    (yellow): something is probably wrong or underspecified or Warhol does not understand something
    (purple): diagnostic messages that Warhol thinks may help with debugging other reports (or Warhol itself)
    (black): something went so catastrophically wrong that Warhol had to abort the test run

As a general rule (assuming there is no

error), you should first fix everything of type
and then consider doing something about reports of type
. Only even look at type
when you suspect that Warhol may be wrong about something.

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