What can/can't Warhol do?

“What can and can't Warhol do?”

Warhol has a lot of features but is very young project and as such, there is also a lot that it can't do at the moment. Some of the missing features are on our roadmap while others are definitely out of scope.

Warhol can  #

  • Verify that an entire web page uses only colors and typography that are defined in a pattern library by inspecting CSS properties and values.
  • Collect data from multi-page pattern libraries and even iframes.
  • Work with any frontend tooling (including Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks, content management systems and so on).
  • Ensure that component implementations closely follow example components in a pattern library through a process that compares the styles of elements on a web page with their definitions in a pattern library.
  • Offer you a top-notch debugging experience with its developer tools

Warhol can not (yet)  #

  • Read your mind. That is to say, that it can only compare what's in a web page library with what's in a pattern library, but can't really think for itself.
  • Collect data from Photoshop files, PowerPoint slides or images.
  • Offer varying levels of style-checking-strictness for components, but this feature will probably come at some point
  • Perform tests for you, though we are working on that.
  • Work outside of Chrome, though we are working on that.
  • Verify interactive styles like :hover states or interactive components. This is a problem that we have solved, but the related features require more polish before we can release them.
  • Provide you with charts and stats, though we are working on that.
  • Provide an API, yet.
  • Exclude specific elements from tests, but this feature will probably soon be implemented.
  • Support non-standard pseudo elements like ::-webkit-slider-thumb, though this will probably change at some point.
  • Handle DOM mutations that happen during test runs. This will simply lead to wrong results today, be will someday be supported.
  • Run tests for iframes.
  • Test the inside of SVGs.
  • Support source maps for CSS.
  • Enforce CSS best practices that are not defined by your pattern library. This is out of scope for Warhol.
  • Validate HTML or check code quality. This is out of scope for Warhol.
  • Test accessibility. This is out of scope for Warhol.
  • Rate your SEO efforts. This is out of scope for Warhol.
  • Find dead links. This is out of scope for Warhol.
  • Search for JavaScript errors. This is out of scope for Warhol.

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