The collection tab is where you manage your snapshot data. Snapshots are created from pattern libraries on Warhol's backend servers and you need to download and update them in your browser extension to make debugging work.

Managing the list of pattern libraries #

The list of pattern libraries in your collection is by default just a list of all the pattern libraries for which snapshots are available. The actual snapshot data may total tens of megabytes and is only downloaded on demand. The list of pattern libraries is automatically updated each time you log into the extension, but you can also trigger a manual update using the “Reload list” button.

Downloading and activating snapshots #

The only way to download snapshots is to activate a pattern library for the first time. This is done using the “Download & activate” button, which is available for pattern libraries if snapshots have never before been downloaded.

A first-time activation of a pattern library consists of:

  1. downloading the snapshot data
  2. setting the pattern library as the active pattern library for the affected tab
  3. immediately running tests as soon as the snapshots are downloaded (assuming testing is enabled)
  4. re-running tests each time the page in the tab reloads, the tab navigates to another page or the tab's viewport is resized and another breakpoint starts to match. This continues until either testing gets deactivated or the pattern library is deactivated for the current tab

The active pattern library is marked as active in the list of pattern libraries. It can be deactivated using the “Deactivate” button or by activating another pattern library in either the collection tab or the toolbar button's popup.

You can re-run tests, deactivate the pattern library, re-download the snapshots (important when snapshots have been re-generated) and also delete the snapshots on activated pattern libraries. Re-downloading the snapshots automatically triggers a new test run. The same actions are available on non-activated pattern libraries with snapshot data (with the exception of re-running tests - this is only an option on activated pattern libraries).

Good to know #

If anything goes wrong with snapshot generation, the affected collection item will display a message and link you to the detailed reports in the web app. You may also see a message when you browser version and the version of the browser that was used to take the snapshots are not the same. Both messages are only shown when snapshot data for the pattern library in question has been downloaded.

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