Warhol's browser extension is first a foremost an extension to the browser's devtools and Warhol's devtools panel is where you will spend most of your time when debugging production web pages. When you have installed the browser extension and are signed in, the extension's devtools functionality is split among four sub-tabs:

  • Collection: Download and activate snapshots
  • Patterns: Get an overview over the currently active snapshots (components, theme colors, utilities etc.)
  • Reports: See everything that's wrong with your page, sift through error messages and filter errors by type and selector
  • Options: Control how the extension runs tests and displays data

The fourth tab, Feedback, is not really a tab, but opens a small contact form as an overlay. Use this if you have any questions or if something breaks.

Good to know #

You can re-arrange the tabs in Chrome's devtools. If you want Warhol as your first devtools tab, nothing is stopping you! Many of the panel's features are also accessible via the toolbar button.

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