Pattern libraries

The pattern libraries page is where you add and update pattern libraries  or rather configuration options for pattern libraries.

List of pattern libraries #

The main pattern libraries page lists all of your pattern libraries. You can add new pattern libraries with the huge “Add a new Pattern Lib” button at the end of the list.

There are three actions for each pattern library in your list: generate snapshots, view errors and warnings and edit the pattern library.

Generate snapshots #

Click “Generate snapshots” to cause Warhol to collect new snapshot data. Note that this may take a minute or two depending on your project's complexity and Warhol's current workload.

Editing pattern libraries #

The main edit screen for pattern libraries is raw and basic for the moment. You have to write configuration data as JSON into the several text areas. Warhol is still at an early stage and we want to be sure that we have the configuration format properly locked down and then build a nicer user interface.

Transferring pattern libraries to other teams is not implemented at the moment, write to if you need to hand over a pattern library to another team.

View errors and warnings #

If anything noteworthy happened when Warhol took the latest round of snapshots, this page lists everything. Serious errors are also visible in the main pattern library list.

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