Warhol on the UI engineering Podcast

Published on 25.02.2020 by Hans Christian Reinl

Last week we were invited to talk about Warhol on the (german-language) podcast UI engineering!

In the episode we discussed design testing in general and of course Warhol's role in the grand scheme of user interface engineering and -testing. Under the hashtag #UIengineering, hosts @dennisreimann and @janpersiel push for better and more sustainable results in front-end development through close collaboration of design and development. Their podcast was a great stage on which we talk not only about design testing and how Warhol works, but also explain some of the rationales behind Warhol's design.

Brush up your German, listen to the podcast now and keep following the UI Engineering podcast!

Written by

Hans Christian Reinl

JavaScript Development. @workingdraft, @nightlybuildio


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